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Drummonds stock a full range of Agricultural and Amenity Fertilisers

  • Fertiliser sourced from Grasslands Slane, Gouldings, Target, Grasslands Kilkenny.
  • Full advisory service available for Tillage, Vegetable and Grassland fertilisers.
  • Soil testing service provided with full interpretation of results by our Qualified Agonomists which we can use to tailor make a fertiliser plan for each crop on your farm.
  • Special Fertiliser blends can be formulated by our Agronomists who are fully trained in Plant Nutrition.
  • Fertiliser available in Bulk, 50kg Bags and 500kg bags.
  • Drummonds also specialise in Foliar Fertilisers.(OMEX).
  • Bulk spreading service available from all Branches and Depots.
  • Precision variable rate fertiliser spreading service also available.
  • Lime spreading can be arranged also.

Contact your local Drummonds branch with any questions our advice may help you to improve your soil fertility and save you money.

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