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SWEET BITE Specialist Grazing Mixture

Progressive grassland management centres around not only growing more grass but also utilising more of this grass. Sweetbite’s formulation focuses on varieties which have proven superior palatability, ‘grazeability’ and digestibility. Together with excellent early spring and late autumn growth, Sweetbite swards are delivering greater levels of animal performance from grazed grass alone. Feedback from farmers informs us that clean-outs of Sweet Bite swards are excellent; pasture quality & animal performance continues right through the summer & into the autumn; & many dairy farmers consistently see a lift in milk yield when their cows go into a Sweet Bite sward as part of their grazing rotation.



ABERGAIN (T) – A renowned variety in terms of quality and overall yield. Ranked second on Teagasc’s Pasture Profit Index (PPI) 2020 with a value of €192ha/year.

ASTONENERGY(T) – An absolute ‘must have’ variety within a specialist grazing sward. Ranks number one for quality in the PPI, and is the top grass variety for 'clean out' of pastures due to its excellent palatability and digestibility in Teagasc grazing studies.

ABERCHOICE – is the highest ranking late diploid with a total PPI value of €176. When it comes to quality and yield, no other variety in its category comes close. No other diploid can match it for quality/feeding value.

DRUMBO – a late heading diploid which delivers excellent yields of highly digestible grass under a grazing system. A consistent performance grass with good ground cover characteristics.

WHITE CLOVER BLEND = Coolfin + Chieftain.
Coolfin is a small leaved variety; Chieftain is a medium leaved variety. Both are good yielders; compete well with the accompanying grasses and are best suited to grazing.