Calf / Weanling Rations

Drummonds manufacture a comprehensive range of feeds for younger animals from starter coarse feeds introduced to calves and lambs within a few days of being born to feeds fed to weanlings ahead of sales/export. For farmers who like to feed a nut we offer a number of options.


Calf - Nut / Cubed Feeds / Coarse rations

Our technical team of nutritionists are abreast of key scientific principals, working with the customer on a 'one to one' basis where farm profitability is the primary focus.

Calf Follow On

High Soya Bean inclusion to give a 19% crude protein feed.

Typically fed from one week of age up to 8-10 weeks

Highly palatable 5mm calf pellet eliminates sorting, maximises early intake and deters birds.


Used from 12 weeks onward to maintain ADG targets.

Ideal feed supplement for calves on grass.


The palatability and texture of this crunch drives intake like no other.

High energy concentration and digestibility minimises days to weaning.


A 17% crude protein feed for calves and weanlings (feed from 16 weeks).

Designed as a follow on ration to our Calf Pellet or Ultra Calf Ration.

Made to Order Mixes
Made to Order

Specialist Mixes

Our Drummonds Animal nutritionists can work with you to provide specific feed mixes for your individual requirements.

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Drogheda Tel: 046 9021641

Beef Grower 16%
Cereal Balancer 50/50

To be balanced with cereals ‘half & half’

 - Designed for those whom save their own barley / wheat.
 - To be mixed with cereals at 50 / 50
 - Contains double rate mineral
 - 18% crude protein
 - Contains only quality proteins & digestible fibres


Calf / Weanling News

For further information on our calf rations/cubed feeds please contact our
Clonee office on 00353 (0)1 8255 011 or Drogheda 046 902 1641