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Select the correct product for your weeds!

Choose a product that will deliver a High level of safety so grass growth is unaffected and
a grazing interval that is short so animals can return back to paddocks quickly.

Weed Identification Chart
Weed Identification Chart
Doxstar Pro 2 litre

Controls broadleaved dock, curled docks and a range of other weeds in established grassland.

Thistlex 1 litre
Thistlex 1 Litre

Excellent thistle control in silage fields, hay meadows and grazed pastures.

Pastor Trio 3 litre
Pastor Trio 3 Litre

Excellent control of a wide variety of annual & sedling perennial weeds in new sown leys and established grassland.

Envy 3 litre
Envy 3 Litre

Weed control solution in established pastures, horse or pony paddocks and new sown leys.

Forefront T
Forefront T 2 litre

Weed control in cattle and sheep grazed grassland controlling docks, nettles, buttercups and a range of other weeds.

Grazon Pro 1 litre
Grazon Pro 1 Litre

For the spot treatment of all species of docks, thistles, nettles, briars and brambles through a knapsack sprayer.

Triad 5 Tab Pack

For broad spectrum weed control in new leys where clover is present.

Weed Identification Chart

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding weed control on your farm contact your local
Drummonds branch and they will be delighted to advise you on the correct weedkiller for your weed control.