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This year’s tillage harvest is well underway and many farmers have found huge variations in yield with one of the main differences being continuous versus first year cereal . In modern day farming high yields are paramount in order to sustain to profitability and that’s where OSR comes into play. The vast majority of crops have yielded between 1.5-2.1t/ac this year and with a market price of €370/t, it’s likely going to be the most profitable crop on Irish tillage farms this year.

oilseedOSR has lots of other benefits not only profitability.
On average OSR will increase yields by 0.75t/ac over continuous cereals. It also helps to control troublesome weeds such Sterile Brome / Black Grass and resistant weeds like chickweed and poppy. It also helps soil structure by breaking plough pans through its vigorous root system.

Another attribute to growing OSR is spreading the workload. OSR allows farmers to drill earlier and spread combining hours over a longer period of time.

OSR Seed Rate Calculator 2020






Proven Varieties in Irish Conditions

 PT275- P

A number you can rely on:
A high yielding variety with high resistance to lodging and good stem stiffness. It’s a variety that delivers every year. Very easily combined unlike some on the Irish market.

• Grosss Output 100%
• Light Leaf Spot 6
• Stem canker resistance 5
• Lodging Resistance 8
• Height (cm) 157
• Maturity 5


A high yielding variety with excellent lodging resistance and strong stem stiffness. Rapid autumn development for late drilling and tough conditions. Excellent disease package especially on Phoma and LLS.

• Gross Output 105
• Light Leaf Spot 8
• Stem Canker Resistance 8
• Lodging Resistance 8
• Height 162
• Maturity 6

The UK’s best Clearfield Hybrid: The highest gross output in both AHDB UK Rl trials and the NIAB Tag Clearfield Trials. Excellent lodging resistance and good stem stiffness. Its high yields are combined with a proven agronomic package.

• Gross Output 95%
• Light Leaf Spot 6
• Stem Canker Resistance 5
• Lodging Resistance 8
• Height (cm) 156
• Maturity 6 

 Source: DAFM

osr Harvesting 3Agronomy

  • Soil – Ideal ph is between 6.5 to 7. If your ground is panned or suffers from compaction, a subsoiling should be considered before drilling
  • Fertiliser should be placed /spread before drilling to ensure a quick establishment
  • Target between 35/40 seeds per square meter when drilling in normal conditions at the right time. Increase the rate to 45 seeds in difficult conditions or if when drilling late.
  • The TGW is a vital tool when calibrating the drill
  • Aim to have a good soil to seed contact and also a fine and firm seedbed preferably rolled.
  • Herbicides - there’s plenty of good options when considering herbicide application but the first most important thing is field history. Does your field suffer from problematic weeds such Charlock, Vol Rape, Runch and Mustard ? If so Clearfield technology is the way to go.


Clearfield Varieties

  • It gives you the option to grow rape where Volunteer /weed Brassicas are a problem ie Charlock, Mustard, Vol Rape , Stubble Turnip and Runch
  • Flexible Post Em herbicide spray timing which ensures optimum crop establishment
  • Unaffected by establishment system
  • Rapid emergence

What is Clearfield Technology

  1. Clearfield Varieties have specific tolerance to Cleranda
  2. Cleranda is a co-form of imazamox + metazachlor
  3. Rate of use is 2l/ha + Dash 1l/ha. ( Dash is an adjuvant).
  4. Cleranda works best when applied to small, actively growing weeds
  5. Needs to be applied to a dry leaf
  6. Avoid rain after application
  7. Spray windows can be comprised if left to the end of October
  8. Reminder Cleranda is an ALS herbicide so if you know a field with resistant weeds, do not apply - ie poppy and chickweed. Clearfield varieties may not be of benefit in this circumstance.

osr Harvesting

Further Information

If you have any queries on aspects of planting Oilseed Rape or wish to discuss your individual requirements just call one of our Drummonds Technical advisors who will be delighted to help.


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