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Ideally apply glyphosate to OSR when the moisture content is below 30% moisture. To determine the timing follow the steps as detailed:

  • Oilseed rape at ideal desication timingSelect a representative area of the crop and pick at random 20 pods from the middle of the main raceme.
  • Open each of the pods. When you have noticed a change of colour from green to brown in at least 2/3 of the seeds in each pod in 15 of the 20 pods collected the crop is ready for glyphosate.
  • Repeat the procedure in other parts of the field to ensure the assessment is accurate for the entire field
  • Apply podstick with glyphosate
  • If half the seeds are turning brown, generally would be ready for glyphosate in 3-4 days, however continue to assess for the correct timing.