DATA Protection and Privacy Notice

Drummonds Limited take your privacy seriously. In the course of our business we hold and use information about you (“personal data”), when you interact with us as an individual customer. We are also committed to managing and protecting your personal data and have updated our Data Protection and Privacy Notice.

What is the General Date Protection Regulations (GDPR)?

The GDPR is an update to existing data protection law and comes into affect across the EU on 25th of May 2018. The GDPR will give you more control over your personal information and places greater accountability on Drummonds Limited and all organisations when collecting, using and keeping safe your personal data. Being transparent is how we manage your personal data is a key part of the GDPR

What personal data do we collect?

Personal data we collect includes the contact details (phone numbers, addresses, e-mails and means of relevant contact names and any other data deemed necessary for the purposes of doing business with us). Personal data will be retained as long as you remain a customer, thereafter for a period of generally no more than six years of where we have a legal obligation to do so.

How do we use your data?

We will use your data in order to provide you with products and services, for the purposes of training record of businesses transactions, and for contacting you with details of technical information, events, I suggest, our other promotion and marketing tears so that it is more relevant to you.

What right do you have?

You have lots of rights under GDPR including that right to receive a copy of your personal data that we hold and the right to object to us processing your data, in part or in its entirety.

As a Drummonds Limited customer, you receive information about our events, opportunities, newsletters and other communications deemed to be of interest to you. We would like to carry on sending you this information but if you wish to stop receiving these communications at any time please contact our GDPR team; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or write to us at Drummonds Limited, Paddingstown, Clonee, County Meath.


Cookies Policy

Your use of our website or services implies that you automatically accepted our "Cookies Policy" which is outlined in this present document.

1 Drummonds reserves the right to update and modify the "Cookies Policy" at any time without notice. Updates that might be added to the Cookies will be subject to the "Cookies Policy". Should you continue to use our website after any modifications, this will constitute your agreement to such modifications. By using our website you agree to cookies being used in accordance with our "Cookies Policy".

2 WHAT ARE COOKIES? A cookie is a text-only string of information that a website transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer's hard disk so that the website can recognise you when you revisit and remember certain information about you. This can include which pages you have visited, choices you have made from menus, any specific information you have entered into forms and the time and date of your visit.

3 WHAT TYPES OF COOKIES ARE USED? There are two types of cookies:
◦ PERSISTENT COOKIES are stored on your equipment between browsing sessions until expiry or deletion. They therefore enable the website to "recognise" you on your return remember your preferences and tailor services to you.
◦ SESSION COOKIES are temporary cookies that expire at the end of a browser session or when you leave the site. Session cookies allow the website to recognise you as you navigate between pages during a single browser session and allow you to use the website most efficiently. For example, session cookies enable a website to remember that a user has placed items in an online shopping basket.

4 In addition to session cookies and persistent cookies, there may be other cookies which are set by the website which you have chosen to visit, such as this website, in order to provide us or third parties with information.

5 OUR USE OF COOKIES: We currently use, and may use in the future, the following types of cookies on this website.

6 We use session cookies to: ◦ Storing login information so that a user does not need to re-login on every visit;

7 We use persistent cookies to: ◦ Help us recognise you as a unique user when you return to our website so that you do not have to input your details multiple times as you move between our pages or services; ◦ remember how you have customised your use of this site, such as your preferred currency and time zone; ◦ collect and compile anonymous, aggregated information for statistical and evaluation purposes to help us understand how users use the website and help us improve the structure of our website;

8 Many cookies are designed to give you optimal usage of the web. For example, we use cookies to enable you to improve your user experience when using our website, e.g. a cookie which recognises if your browser supports specific technology features. This helps, for example, in enabling web pages to be loaded more quickly when you request the download of a large file.

9 In addition to cookies which send information to us, we also use cookies which collect information and send it to third parties. An example of this is Google Analytics. Please check the relevant third party website for more information about their use of cookies. Where this site allows such cookies to be set or you access other websites from this site using the links provided, the operators of these websites will use cookies in accordance with their own cookies policy, which may differ from ours.

10 As with first party cookies, you are able to block third party cookies through your browser settings.

11 Some of our cookies may collect and store your personal information, such as your name or email address. We are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy and will ensure that all personal information collected by us is kept and treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

12 DO COOKIES INCLUDE PERSONAL DATA? If there is a need for the collection of personal information, such as for creating accounts, then cookies may store personal information. However, it is required by data protection law that users are informed of the collection of personal data. This data will also be encrypted to render it inaccessible for unauthorized users.

13 MANAGING COOKIES: By default, browsers are configured to accept cookies. However, these settings may be changed to block cookies entirely, or to inform the user each time they are used. Detailed information about cookies and the options associated with them are available in each browsers’ settings.