sheep at feederGrassland:

  • Assess cover in early September and target to have 20 days grazing ahead, building up to 30 days in early October to bank up grass supplies.
  • Chemical fertiliser can be applied up to the 15th of September. Responses are better earlier in the month therefore avoid delay.
  • Important to consider your closing pattern, as the first paddocks to be grazed by your march lambing flock will need to be closed in mid-October, with 20% of ground closed by late October.
  • Earlier lambing flocks will need to pull these dates back accordingly.

Lamb performance:

  • Overall lamb performance has been lower on most farms this year.
  • Due to early setbacks and a difficult early grazing season, coupled recent conditions has resulted in a lot more lambs still around and lighter lambs being drafted for the factory.
  • Take stock of the lambs remaining on the farm and their live weight.
  • Contact your local Drummonds advisor to discuss finishing options.
  • For those who have adequate grass supplies, target supplementation at the heavier lambs i.e. above 38-40kgs.
  • Best economic responses are achieved from allocations of 300-600g/day per lamb of Drummonds High Energy Lamb Finisher.

Article written by: Nigel Scally, Technical Sales Advisor,
Rathcoffey / Clonee Mob: 087 - 311 0772