During the coming weeks sheep farmers will be assessing the condition of their flock’s pre lambing.

ewe and lambA ewe will approximately consume 1kg daily of Dry matter feed in the weeks pre lambing. 1kg of high DMD (75%) silage would not be sufficient for a ewe carrying two or more lambs. Twin Lamb disease is one of the largest problems farmers face when it comes to lamb mortality. Prevention is better than a cure.

With this in mind, it is necessary to introduce a high energy feed into the Diet of the flock. This may be done in many ways:

Supreme Ewe 18% & 20%
Supreme ewe is our top ration for feeding ewe’s pre and post lambing. With its high levels of soya bean meal it is the ‘Rocket Fuel’ the ewe needs to provide good quality & quantity colostrum for her lambs. There is a strong link with the weight of lambs at birth and the weight of lambs come weaning. The ration also includes Cal-Mag and our specific Acorn sheep mineral.

Drummonds Ewe Nut 18 %, 19% & 20%
A 6mm Cubed based feed which are high in both energy and protein derived from maize, barley and soya bean meal respectively. Optimum levels of fibre to promote rumen function. Again, Soya is the key Protein ingredient in this feed. Cal Mag to prevent grass tetany when ewes are returned to grass post lambing.   

Speak to our Technical Sales Advisors and our in-house counter staff about the benefits of feeding Drummonds High Quality Feed.

Ewe Cobs
An 18% Protein pellet is ideal for feeding ewes at grass. The large 14mm pellet can be fed directly off the grass or silage at minimal loss. The labour cost saving in not moving troughs and also the large reduction in poaching is some of the added benefits of feeding cobs. Ewe cobs are available to customers at all our branches in the coming weeks.

Feed Lick Buckets
Extra high energy buckets can stimulate forage intakes and improve the ewe’s digestibility while also providing minerals and trace elements that are necessary to have a healthy and lively lamb. It is advised to have at least 2 buckets per group of sheep to prevent bullying.