Introducing 2 New Dairy Feeds:
Irish Dairy
Plus 16%  & Irish Dairy Plus 18%

This autumn we have gone a step further by extending the ‘Irish’ range to include two top quality coarse feeds for dairy cows. Both of these rations again include a level of GM-free European rapeseed, in pelleted form, in order to meet the protein requirements of dairy cows.

Irish Dairy Plus 16% and Irish Dairy Plus 18%. The locally-grown ingredients in these feeds are Rolled Barley, Rolled Oats, Rolled Field Beans and Rolled Wheat. European Rapeseed (pelleted), molasses and a high specification Dairy Mineral plus Buffer completes these choice formulations. The 16% ration retails at €260; the 18% ration sells for €265 bulk blown delivered.

We are finding that a number of our dairy farmer customers are successfully feeding these coarse rations through their in-parlour feeders, with no problems, especially where they are feeding up to approx. 3 kilos – 4 kilos daily (ie. up to 2 kilos per milking). These two rations contain little or no mealy, dusty ingredients. In practice where higher concentrate feeding levels are being fed, we are finding a number of our customers feed a small level of nuts in the parlour at milking time & our coarse rations are being fed to cows either before or after milking via a diet feeder or simply by spreading the ration on top of grass silage along the length of a feed trough.

For further information on our Irish Dairy Plus 16% and Irish Dairy Plus 18% coarse rations, and/or to discuss how these feeds may fit into your feeding system, please do not hesitate to contact your local Drummonds branch or technical feed sales advisor.