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  1. Best time to sow: Mid March to Early June and August to Mid September when the soil is both warm and damp.
  2. Prepare the Site for sowing. Remove all weeds with glyphosate and clean the area of any large stones and rubble
  3. Check drainage for water logging and cultivate to a depth of 6 inches.
  4. Grade and level the site.
  5. Lightly rake in a granular fertiliser such as 10.10.20 at a rate of 1kg / 20meter sq.
  6. Calculate the quantity of seed required.
    Seeding Rates = 1 ounce per square yard or 25-35grammes per meter sq. NB: Typically 1 x 25kg of lawn seed should cover an area of quarter of an acre. This rate assumes the seed bed quality is good.
  7. Rake the seed bed to ensure seed coverage and follow by rolling in order to create a firm seed bed. Rolling is especially important when conditions are dry.
  8. Sow the seed by broadcasting by hand or using a spreader.
  9. If the weather has been dry, give the site a light sprinkling of water. Do not let the soil dry out until the grass is established.

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A comprehensive range of products dedicated to the amenity market is now available. These include a full range of high quality, controlled release fertilisers designed for specific areas such as Golf, Sports Grounds and Landscaping. Green Acres also provide a dedicated range of Plant Protection Products fully registered for use in the amenity sector. Please contact you local Green Acres Agent for further details on these products.


Drummonds seed processing plant, located in Drogheda, is licenced by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food. All Green Acres grass seed mixtures are prepared using certified seed which guarantees purity and germination levels. Extensive supervision in both handling and processing ensures consistency and total quality in each and every bag .


Prescription Mixtures made to order.
If you wish to discuss the design of a customised seed mixture, please speak directly with our specialists in Drummonds Drogheda. Tel 041 983 8986



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