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Drummonds’ ‘Green Acres’ brand of grass seeds are renowned for their superior quality and are trusted by generations of grassland farmers.

Green Acres Grass Seed Mixtures 2022

Grass Seed Mixtures

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Amenity / Lawn

Greenacres Wildflower Mixes

If you have any questions regarding reseeding or grassland management or believe that for some reason you are not getting
the most out of your grass please make contact with your local Drummonds Technical Sales Advisor.
We may very well not have the answers - but we will work with you to help to find a solution.
Drummonds - Green Acres Agi & Amenity Grass seeds

At Drummonds we aim to formulate agri/forage grass seed mixtures which will deliver superior livestock performance. We continually keep abreast of research being conducted within Ireland by our Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine and by Teagasc. Working closely with a number of farmers (customers) who are excellent grassland managers and who are continually pushing to improve grassland performance on their farms ensures we stay well grounded and focused. In addition we keep an eye on relevant grassland research in Europe and further afield.

In the case of amenity grasses we aim to formulate and produce the grass seeds mixture which will be ‘the best fit’ for the purpose at hand. This may be an ornamental garden; a hard-wearing back lawn; a wild flower strip; a football pitch which is being used all year round; or a horse gallops. Our grass seed specialists keep abreast of the latest research in this field.

One of our major strengths of Drummonds when it comes to grass seed mixture formulation is our independence. We deal with a large number of grass seed breeders, marketing agents, various brokers and suppliers. We are not ‘tied’ to sell a certain tonnage of a particular variety for a grass seed breeder despite the fact that there may be better varieties available. Thankfully we have managed to maintain the flexibility and credibility to only source the leading varieties which will deliver superior performance. This independence has stood to us over the years and is why so many of our customers trust in our ‘Green Acres’ brand.

We distribute our Green Acres grass seeds nationally through sales agents, agri-merchants and co-ops. In addition to supplying our own proven range of mixtures we have the capability to blend ‘specials’ – prescription mixtures customized to meet specific requirements. We can deliver direct to a farm anywhere in the country, generally within a short few days of the order being placed. Being wholesalers, we invoice through your local merchant/supplier.

For further information on our Green Acres agri (forage) and amenity grass seeds ranges please contact our grass seed specialists .

Green Acres Forage Grass Seeds
Green Acres Forage Grass Seeds Brochure

Ireland’s single largest competitive advantage is our ability to grow grass – a relatively cheap feed for ruminant animals. Our grass based production systems for milk, beef and sheep are internationally renowned and Bord Bia’s Origin Green marketing plan aims to build on our environmentally friendly & sustainable animal/food production systems.

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Why Choose Green Acres Grass Seed Mixtures ?

Green Acres are the best performing mixtures on the market as can be testified by our many very happy customers over the years.

Green Acres Amenity Grass Seed
Amenity Grass Seed

Green Acres produce a large range of Amenity grass seeds for a variety of amenity uses - Lawns -Landscaping - Sports surfaces

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Grass silage is the principal forage for the majority of beef cattle, dairy cows and pregnant ewes during the winter indoor feeding period.

Green Acres Equestrian Mixtures
Equestrian Grass seed.

Green Acres Equine Grass seed mixtures are designed to overcome the problems associated with pastures grazed and utilised by horses.

Maintaining Your Paddocks
Maintaining Your Paddocks

Green Acres equine mixtures are designed to overcome the problems associated with pastures grazed and utilised by horses.

Horse Paddock Mix
Horse Paddock Mixture - Suitable for grazing and hay.

Very palatable & dense hardwearing mix with high Timothy content for grazing and hay.
The inclusion of fescue and meadow grass help to bind the sward together and quickly repair sod damage caused by hooves

Teagasc PPI Index
Teagasc’s Pasture Profit Index (PPI)

Teagasc’s Pasture Profit Index (PPI) ranks ryegrass varieties based on their potential to influence farm profitability.

Drummonds are proud members & supporters of the following organisations/associations:

Irish Grassland Association
Irish Seed Trade Association

Further Information

If you have any queries on aspects of seeding or wish to discuss your individual seed requirements
just call one of our Drummonds Technical advisors who will be delighted to help.


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