Pitch Perfect with GREEN ACRES!

A perfect pitch does not just happen – it takes careful planning and hard work!

No pitch, no matter how well it has been constructed, can keep performing to a high standard without regular routine maintenance. Regular inspection of the pitch is a critical first step towards good pitch maintenance. Addressing the following areas in pitch maintenance is necessary in creating a good playing surface.

Conducting a soil test on the pitch every two or three years will help establish nutrient values, highlight any deficiencies and evaluate exactly what fertiliser is needed. Adequate nutrition is necessary for grass growth and recovery after games. Using a suitable slow release fertiliser that is based on the results of the soil test will ultimately create a healthy grass sward. Addressing any drainage problems is absolutely necessary if the grass pitch is to remain in good condition and if not corrected will restrict the grass plant from reaching its potential and will create a poor unstable surface.

The next area that needs careful consideration is the grass sward itself. Upon close inspection the grass leaf should be healthy, showing a good colour and free from disease. The plant should not pull away easily from the soil and it should have a good dense carpet like effect. Any weed and weed grass infestations must be eliminated as they will persistently degenerate the pitch and take over the sward if left unaddressed. 

Overseeding with suitable hardwearing grass varieties which will compete against future weed infestation should be considered after the weeds have been eliminated from the sward. Overseeding pitches is of particular importance where playing fields are used all year round. Pitches that are under heavy use can often become tired and worn and repairs at this stage will help prevent further damages later in the season. Green Acres Sports Pitch and Sports Renovation mixtures use especially selected top-ranking varieties that have been tried and tested for use under sport conditions by the STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute). These varieties are bred to give good colour all year round, resistant to disease, remain hardwearing and will quickly recover after use. When overseeding a pitch, use a three way split of Dwarf Perennial Ryegrasses such as Green Acres ‘All Ryegrass’ Renovation mix at a rate of 15-20gm/m2. Top-dressing with sand after reseeding helps to promote seed-to-soil contact and will give better seed germination.

Aerating and top-dressing the pitch will help root development of the grass plant and will help the turf sward to stay healthy and will even out the playing surface. Finally, perhaps the most important hint to achieving the perfect pitch is to set aside time for renovation work and be patient in waiting for results – it will be worth it!

Green Acres Range of Grass Seed Mixtures

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