Drummonds Green Acres Equestrian Grass Seed Brochure

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Green Acres equine mixtures are designed to overcome the problems associated with pastures grazed and utilised by horses. Equestrian Grass Seed Mixtures brochure is now available at your local Stockists or ONLINE

Maintaining Your Paddocks

Green Acres equine mixtures are designed to overcome the problems associated with pastures grazed and utilised by horses.

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Horse Paddock Mixture

Hay & Grtazing Mixture

Suitable for grazing and hay.

Very palatable & dense hardwearing mix with high Timothy content for grazing and hay. The inclusion of fescue and meadow grass help to bind the sward together and quickly repair sod damage caused by hooves.

PACK SIZE : 14KG(1 acre pack)

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Healthy Herb Mixture

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Horses equilivant of ‘5-a-day’..

Contains a special blend of herbs including Yarrow, Burnet, Plantain, Chicory, and Sheeps Parsley.


Seeding Rate – 250gm to 500gm / acre.

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Restorator Mixture


ideal for repairing damaged paddocks.

A mix for overseeding grass into open swards / damaged ground.


Overseeding Rate – 5 - 7 kg/acre.

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Racecourse / Gallops Mix

Suitable for exercise areas.racehorses racing

This attractive sward comprises of a blend of hardwearing dwarf perennial ryegrasses and fescues that are fast to establish and will recover quickly after heavy use.  It is designed to produce a very dense, cushioned sward which could also be used for other heavy duty equestrian sports such as polo or showjumping.

SEEDING RATE : 100 - 140kgs per acre

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