Sheep Ration

Sheep Nut

This 18%-protein nut will provide an ideal source of pre lambing nutrition with full mineral pack with cal-mag (optional)to ensure that all ewes are cared for and have a good quality supply of milk reaching their full potential for all lambs. 

This is a top quality 18% protein ration specifically designed for the new born lamb. It is packed with high levels of cooked ingredients such as flaked maize, soya bean and barley which are easily digested in the lamb’s stomach, giving the opportunity for advanced and rapid early growth, ideal for intensive production systems. This mix also contains a specialized pelleted intensive lamb mineral. The idea of the pellet is that the lamb will consume and utilize the mineral in full and so no waste will end up at the bottom of the trough. Contents of the mineral include ammonium chlorate and salt, this helps to prevent Urinary Calculi, (stone in the kidney), which is a problem associated with young rams lambs.

 This 18% protein nut is designed to keep the ewe in good milk supply and cal-mag levels adequate to feed lamb(S)post lambing and also start young lambs on concentrate full mineral pack and a 20% protein nut is optional.

This is an 18% protein ration with very similar attributes to our sheep ration. Again only top quality ingredients are used, and a generous coating of molasses is used to give a highly palatable ration that will encourage milk production during the first three vital weeks of the lambs life. This mix also contains Toasted Full Fat Soya, which is rich in both Oil and Protein, helping to keep up milk production early on in the lamb’s life.

A 15% protein ration formulated with the optimum balance of energy and protein sources for finishing lambs in a short time frame. This ration provides ample nutrients for rapid growth, maximum lean meat yield and feed conversion efficiency. It also contains salt to combat Urinary Calculi (stone in the kidney).

Supreme Ewe 18

This is a 18% protein ration containing a superb blend of ingredients to ensure the ewe does not encounter any digestive upsets prior to lambing. It’s packed with generous levels of native barley, oats and beans which gives the ewe optimum energy levels in turn allowing for good lamb growth in the ewe. The protein level of 18% ensures the ewe's nutritional needs are met pre-lambing and also counters against disorders such as twin lamb disease and milk fever around lambing time, which in turn allows for good lamb birth weight, udder development and milk let down post lambing.

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