Poultry Feeds and SuppliesDrummonds carry a large range of Poultry Feeds and Supplies whether for intensive farming or just a hobby.
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Layers Pellets - 17%

Layers Pellets is a 17% protein pellet for laying hens from point of lay onwards. (same as crumb but in pellet format)

Layers Crumb - 17%

Layers Crumb is a 17% protein crumb for laying hens from point of lay onwards

Poultry Feeds whether for intensive farming or just a hobby, we carry a full range to cater for your needs.

Poultry Starter Crumb


Poultry Starter Crumb is a 21% protein crumb for broiler chicks, ducklings and geese from day old to 3/4 weeks of age

Poultry Finisher Pellet

Poultry Finisher Pellet is an 18% pellet for broilers, ducks and geese from 4 weeks old onwards

Turkey Starter Crumb

Turkey Starter Crumb is a starter crumb for Turkeys from day old to 6/8 weeks of age

Turkey Grower Pellet

Turkey Grower Pellet is a grower pellet for turkeys from 8 weeks to 16 weeks old

Turkey Finisher Pellet

Turkey Finisher Pellet is a finisher pellet for turkeys to be fed for 4 weeks prior to slaughter

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