Maverick & Volac Milk Replacers are produced using unique filtration and evaporation processes which produce performance milk replacers designed to promote healthy, fast growth in young animals. All of these products are supported by a supurb technical assistance team, helping us to help you get the most out of your livestock.


Electrolytes are a dietetic feeding stuff for stabilisation of water and electrolyte balance. They may be used in case of risk of , during periods of, or recovery from digestive disturbances (diarrhoea).

Volac Volostrum is a natural alternative to colostrum for feeding when maternal colostrum is unavailable or in short supply. This calf volostrum has become particularly popular with beef suckler and dairy herds and should be part of the essential supplies on every unit. Other benefits include its high digestible sources of energy, Its superior Protein content of 76%, its consistency and quality are guaranteed, Volostrum comes in a very hygenic individual pack thats easy to use and that has a shelf life of 2 years.

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