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Drummonds manufacture a comprehensive range of quality Dairy - coarse rations and cubed / nut feeds to meet the nutritional demands of todays farming enterprises.

Our technical team of nutritionists are abreast of key scientific principals, working with the customer on a 'one to one'  basis where farm profitability is the primary focus.



DAIRY 18% : Hi Energy Ration formulated for the medium to high yielding herds.

MILK MAX DAIRY 20%: Formulated ration directed towards the high yielding herd

MAIZE BALANCER 25% : Formulated be fed with maize silage

QUOTA MANAGER 15%: Maintain herd condition / limit potential super levy

HEIFER DEVELOPER 20% :  Formulated for the high potential yielding heifer.


SUPER DAIRY 20% : High Energy dairy nut aimed at the high yielding herd

ELITE Hi UFL DAIRY 18% : High Energy dairy nut aimed at early to mid lactation

MILK MAX18% : Designed as an all year round cube to ensure max milk yield

MAIZE / PROTEIN BALANCERS: Designed for feeding with low protein forages


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