Optigest is a mineral package included in Beef Supreme that supplies the complete trace element and vitamin requirements of high growth potential steers, heifers and bulls being fed on generous levels of concentrates.  This package contains all required balancing components and a few new developments blended together to give superior results.  Contents include : Aspergillus Orzae,  This is a specific Pro-biotic organism which is extensively fed across Italy in commercial feedlots, this pro-biotic works to raise the rumen pH and improve daily gain and feed conversion efficiency (FCE).

Optigest also contains yeast, who’s benefits are well known and a uniquely formulated slow-release buffer which stabilises rumen pH over long periods, helping to avoid digestive upsets.  This pack will balance high cereal rations on the basis of a 10kg and upwards feeding rate.  Enhanceed vitamin levels are also included in this pack, the idea behind this is to promote good liver function at all times.  OPTIGEST can also be purchased as a handy 30kg handy farm pck for individuals mixing their own rations.

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