Rat & Mouse Bait

Rats and Mice are some of the most destructive pests in Irish agriculture and are constantly moving around your farm yard. Rats especially can inflict serious damage on your health and the health of your animals. The most effective way of controlling rats is to implement a planned baiting program.

The Department of Agriculture encourages the use of Bait boxes around the farm yard as this is a safe way of laying bait and your pets or other animals wont be able to access it. It is recommended to keep the bait laid on a weekly basis in order to keep rodent population under control.

At Drummonds we stock a wide range of both Rat and Mouse baits and bait stations including:

Klerat Wax Blocks

Klerat contains a potent anticoagulant rodenticide, which is active against rats and mice, including those resistant to some other anticoagulants. A lethal dose can be ingested as only part of a single day's food intake - multiple feeding is not usually necessary.

Symptoms do not normally occur for several days, so bait shyness would not be expected. Klerat can be used safely when small quantities are applied with an interval in between application.

Available sizes: 3.5 kg, 10kg

Storm Blocks

Storm is a potent anti-coagulant rodenticide effective against all species of rats and mice, including those resistant to other products.

Storm will kill rats and mice following a single feed but death occurs after several days, therefore bait shyness and the need for prebaiting are avoided. Storm is ready to use and should not be diluted by the addition of other foodstuffs.

Available sizes: 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 10kg

Astor Blocks

This is a rodenticide based on 2nd generation (anticoagulant broadifacoum.) A single feed is lethal for every rodent. Astor is effective against all types of rat, mouse and field mouse including those resistant to other products. It contains a bittering agent

(Denatonium Benzoate) that reduces the risk of poisoning for pets.

The rodents are attracted by the appetizing substances contained in the bait, the target animal eats it and dies within a very short period of time without arousing suspicion in the other members of the colony. The animal dies of internal haemorrhage and usually outdoor, because of the sense of suffication.

Available sizes: 1kg, 3kg, 10kg


Pied-Piper Blocks & Grain

This rodenticide can be purchased in either wax block or grain pellet form, it is strong enough to kill in a single feed. Bait at interval of 5 days. Unlike other wax block rat bait, Pied Piper Halt blocks can be used OUTDOORS. Pied Piper wax blocks rat bait are much safer to domestic animals and pets than other wax blocks on the market and the grain pellets are ideal for use in tubular bait stations, allowing for very easy bait filling. The Antidote in the Pied Piper range contains: Vitamin K1 which has the complete response to Bromadiolone

Available sizes: 150g, 700g, 1.5kg, 3kg, 3.5kg, 7kg

Endorat Blocks & Grain

This is a ready to use Rat and Mouse Bait available in both Blocks and Grain pellets. Designed for indoor and outdoor use. Baiting points should contain between 50-100 grams of bait for Rats and 10 grams for Mice in suitable containers. When laying bait ensure that it is placed in situations that are protected from prevailing weather and inaccessible to non targets. All baiting points should be inspected regularly and replenish bait as necessary until no more is taken. After treatment remove all unused bait and burn or bury. It is recommended that bait must not be used for longer than a 4-8 week period. Once rodent population is controlled, do not place further bait until a new infestation is identified.

Available sizes: 400g, 700g, 1kg, 1.5kg, 3.5kg, 7kg, 14kg, 20kg.

Pest Repellers (plug in)

This pest controller is designed for home use. It combines swept ultrasound and electromagnetic action to drive out rodent pests. Its inaudible to humans, cats and dogs and is safe for use around children.

EMC creates pulses through wiring to reach nest sites within walls, ceilings and floor cavities. Danger this device can be Harmful to domestic pets such as Hampsters and Gerbils


Pestex Grain (Alpha-Chloralose)also available.